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260                                 LIFE   OF
Two friends, he states, wished to accompany him., and
the three met In Holzminden on the 18th July. The
next morning- they started in the best possible humour.
Their first night was passed in the bathing place of
Drlburg. It was past midnight when they arrived,
and they went out with lanterns to see the country.
Campe congratulated himself on the choice of his
companions, and says : " One should always travel
thus—young with old, and old with young people.
The old ones would gain in good humour and merri-
ment, the young ones would be protected against ex-
cesses. You cannot think ho/til merry we three are
even In such situations where others would hang their
heads. Wherever we arrive we communicate our good
temper to the whole hoxisehold, and even to the beg-
gars in the streets. Laughing -we arrive, laughing we
transact our affairs, laughing "we mount our caniage
again, and every one laughs with us/'
They travelled through the uninteresting districts
of Westphalia, and crossed the I&hine at Uerdingen,
and before they arrived at the boundaries of Brabant
they received the news of the terribly great events of
the 12th, 13th, and 1-ith July. The decisive blow
had been struck. The intelligence, which reached
them at Aix-la-Ghapelle filled them, with delight at
the brave Parisians, but with disappointment that the
drama at whose commencement they wished to be
present had already be^pin. French fugitives crossed
the boundaries ; in Liege the news came that dis-
turbances had broken out in [Brabant, through which
province they were to travel, and that at Brussels the
excitement was only subdued by the presence of the •
military. This sounded very dangerous, but not to
them. Their desire to watch the nationfs struggle for
liberty, and its manly endeavour to regain its lights,
-was too strong not to outweigh all considerations of
personal inconvenience.
On the 3rd August they arrived in Paris and took.
up their residence In the Faubourg St. Germain, rue
despetits Augustins, and the next day entered at once